Knit Crochet 2018

In this four class series you will learn the basic building blocks of knit or crochet. First you will learn about the types of yarns and tools relevant to the projects you’d like to do and receive instructions on the best materials for your desired project. The first class you will also learn to make the basic stitch. The second class will focus on mastering the basic stitch and introduce you to the wide array of stitches and garment construction techniques that knit and crochet have to offer. In the third class you will learn new stitches and be introduced to the art of shaping. The final class will provide the opportunity for you to perfect your knowledge in order to complete your desired project. Additional sessions can be purchased to suit your future knit and crochet desires and for help completing projects.

Sunny Lindley has been crocheting hats and accessories for more than 20 years. She taught herself to knit 15 years ago and has maintained a goal of learning new techniques each year. Her fiber art Etsy shop has been operating for 6 years and has sold more than 250 knit and crochet items. You can find Sunny’s work at the Ashland Art Center 357 E. Main street, Ashland OR and on Etsy at

Learn to screen print 2018

In this 3 part series you will have the opportunity to complete an entire screen printing project of your choosing. The first class explores various methods to make art or prepare your existing art for screen printing. In class two, we will learn how to create silk screens using the photo emulsion process. Class three will introduce you to the art of printing for success.

Sunny Lindley started a screen printing company in 2010 as a cooperative endeavor under the name Critical Eggplant. Since 2012 she has created and sold over 1700 screen printed items through her business Sundial Arts Eco-Apparel and currently enjoys a sewing and screen printing studio at the Ashland Art Center where she creates practical comfortable artisan clothing that reflects ecological and social values worth wearing on your sleeve.

Here is what one of her students had to say about her class:

Sunny is an amazing teacher with so much knowledge and skill. Her classes are so inspiring and energizing. What an amazing opportunity to have this awesome artist teach locally. Ten stars!!”