Poodletopia Overnight Poodle and Doodle Care is a service offered at Sundial Arts & Urban Homestead. We are a family of poodle lovers who do not have a poodle of our own. Since we love poodles so much, we offer overnight care and a handful of other poodle services to keep our daily life poodlerific. I am not a dog trainer, or a dog breeder, just an average person who loves poodles!  We have a 2600 square foot house that our poodle friends can freely roam as well as a 1/3 acre micro farm featuring angora rabbits, chickens, a large garden and an expansive fully fenced lawn for the poodles to romp and play in. We are a very affectionate family who makes a habit of petting our canine friends every chance we get. A simple trip outside to the garbage can is an opportunity to play fetch and family movie night is poodle cuddle time.

Poodles get lots of cuddles

We do not kennel our canine friends when they are in our care, however we have a tile floor multi-purpose room in the middle of our house that we will ask a dog to lay down in if they are really wet from playing outside. Our goal is to create an environment as close to your poodle’s regular home as possible. If you don’t let them get on furniture at your house, we won’t either. If your dog sleeps with you at home, they will sleep with me at our house too. If your poodle likes to go for rides, we will take him or her with us when we make a trip to the store.

We offer care to poodles, doodles and other non shedding dogs only because poodles and doodles do not leave behind hair that can get into the products that come from our home studio. Poodles and doodles have predictable temperaments that we have found to be safe for children and small farm animals that enjoy the urban homestead.


Care begins with a meet and greet at Poodletopia, and registration paperwork. If our home and micro farm seem like a good fit for your poodle or doodle, I suggest we have your beloved pet for a couple hours of daycare so that we can get to know your dog and your dog can get to know us. Our goal is to become a second family to your beloved pet so that you can feel at ease with your poodle or doodle being in our care while you travel. Poodles are prone to upset stomach, especially with big transitions like developing a second family to stay with when you are vacationing. I find that a couple hours of daycare spent before your poodle is with us for a longer stay greatly reduces the chance of upset stomach or other stress related discomforts.

If all of this sounds good to you please email us at sundialarts@gmail.com to schedule a meet and greet!

Sleepovers $25/day

Email me for a full rundown of services and fees.


Thursday Poodle Play Date!

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